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1. Questions about Clara Cosmetics products:

Are Clara Cosmetics products vegan and produced without animal testing?
Yes, of course. We care about our environment, so our nail foils, our eyelashes and our nail care products are all vegan and produced without animal testing.

How long do the nail foils from Clara Cosmetics last?
When used correctly, Clara's nail foils last up to 14 days. You can find the simple application steps on our website or on the back of your packaging.

How many applications can I do with one set?
One set contains 25 nail strips. The number of applications depends on the length of your nails. Often half a strip is enough to cover the nail. Usually you can do up to 4 applications with one set.

Can there be differences between the screen colors and the original colors of the nail foils?
The screen colors depend on the settings and brightness of your screen. Therefore, the screen colors cannot reflect the exact shade of the original colors and are therefore not binding.

What is the shelf life of Clara Cosmetics nail foils after opening the packaging?
After opening the packaging, our nail foils have a shelf life of up to 6 months. Make sure that the nail foils are stored in an airtight container.

What is the difference between GLAM and EVERYDAY eyelashes from Clara Cosmetics?
The lashes from Clara Cosmetics emphasize a natural look and stylishly underline your radiance. The EVERYDAY are a little more discreet and are also suitable for daytime, for example to wear in the office. The GLAM lashes are longer and ensure an effective appearance. On the product pictures you get an impression for the effect.

Do you also offer eyelash glue?
No, Clara Cosmetics is specialized in the production of eyelashes. However, you can use a commercial eyelash glue with our eyelashes.

2. Questions about application and removal:

How are Clara Cosmetics nail foils applied?
The application of the nail foils is quick and easy. You can find detailed instructions on the back of each package as well as quick instructions on each nail foil product page on this website.

Can I use any top and base coat for Clara Cosmetics nail foils?
For best results, we recommend using Clara Cosmetics products as they are specifically designed for use with our nail foils.

How are Clara Cosmetics eyelashes applied?
Just like with the nail foils, the application is done quickly and easily. You will find detailed instructions on the back of each package as well as quick instructions on each lash product page on this website.

How can I remove Clara Cosmetics nail foils?
To remove the nail foils, simply use Clara Cosmetics nail polish remover. Soak a cotton pad in nail polish remover and place the pad on your nail to let it soak in briefly. Then the nail foil will come off and you can wipe it off. Repeat the process until your nail is completely free.

How can I remove Clara Cosmetics eyelashes?
To remove the eyelashes, simply carefully pull off the eyelashes at the eyelash band. It's best to keep the lashes in their original packaging so you can enjoy them again.

3. Payment and shipping:

Is it possible to redeem coupons at Clara Cosmetics?
Of course! In the checkout you will find a field labeled "discount code". Here you can enter your discount code and apply it.

How long does the delivery time take after I have ordered?
Within Germany the delivery time is 2-5 business days. For other European countries the delivery time is 3-8 business days. The delivery time starts as soon as you have received your shipping confirmation.

What payment methods does Clara Cosmetics offer?
Our top priority is to make sure that your payments are secure and easy. On our website you can pay with the following methods: Paypal (direct debit and credit card with Paypal account), purchase on account with Klarna, Amazon Pay, credit card (Visa Card, Mastercard, American Express), installment purchase with Klarna and Sofortüberweisung.

In which countries are Clara Cosmetics products available?
We currently deliver to all of Europe.

Does Clara Cosmetics also deliver to packing stations?
Yes, simply note the packing station under your delivery address.

What are the shipping costs for my order?
You can find out everything about this in our Shipping & Returns section.

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